Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nothing Much

I had nothing to say last night. I figured when I got up this morning I would be full of something. (Okay, yeah, I know, I am full of something, but that's not what I'm talking about) I finished two books last night, before I went to sleep. One of them, I had as my waiting room book. It was "Cold Fire" by Dean Koontz. Pretty good, except that it took me a long time to read it. Not many waiting room hours lately. I like that! It ended just like I figured it would, no surprises. Still good. I have read several of Den Koontz' books, but I think I will give him a rest for a while. My daughter scored a Stephen King book for me. It's Lissy's Story or something like that. She was in line somewhere and a lady behind her had the book in her hand. My daughter, Lena, asked how the book is and the lady told her she had just finished it and it was good. Lena said then I'll tell my mom, she likes Stephen King. The lady handed her the book and told her to give it to me! I think I will read that one next. I wish I knew who the woman was, so I could pay her back in kind, or at least thank her. My daughter did though.
The other book I finished, I read in about four nights. It was sent to me through the mail cause I must have got on some new mailing list. It's from a Christian book club. I took the book out of the package, but threw all the other stuff away. I kind of wish I hadn't now. It was an okay read. It was a Christian romance, called Rainbow's End. Of course it had all the trappings of a regular romance novel without all the frills and "hiney tingles" as Pioneer Woman would call them. The thing is, I thought oh this will be boring...then couldn't set it down. I read it when I went to bed every night. If anybody wants to try it, I'd be glad to send it along. Just let me know and we'll hook it up.
So much for not having anything to say. I managed, didn't I? Today is my late day at work. I am going to ask my GM if I can get that changed. I hate having to be there until 6PM. I like the late morning though! I'm more an early day person. Evenings are a waste to me if I get home at 6:30! It's dinner, shower and bed. Anyway, I'm off to work in a few. Hope your day is fantasic today. I'll see you all when I get home!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love when a book falls into your lap. That whole pay it forward thing is so great!! Maybe someone ended up doing something nice for her, too.

We gave up a parking space to an elderly gentelman today. It was hard to do since it is f-ing freezing but it was the right thing to do....

John wasn't thrilled that we did it but he did it anyway. (men HATE to not get the good spaces!)


The Silver Thistle said...

Yay on the scored book! I used to be a big Stephen King fan in my youth, and that sort of led me on to Dean Koontz but it's been donkey's years since I read either of them.

My favourite Dean Koontz one was 'Lightening', about time travel (if I's been a loooong time, lol).

I was just telling my son about Stephen King's book this week (spookily enough), he hasn't read any of them and I was saying how SCARY I thought Salems Lot was. I remember I slept with the light on for weeks after finishing it, hahahah. 'IT' was another of my favourties. Clowns give me the creeps anyway, but that one was just toooooo creepy.

I've got umpteen books here just waiting to be read, but I need to be in the mood for them. I'm 'thinking' about starting either 'The Last Empress' by Anchee Min, or 'Monster Island' by David Wellington. The first is about China's last Empress Dowager and the second is about zombies, lol. Quite a bit of distance between them subject-wise then, hahahahah

stitcherw said...

Late days are hard for me too, especially in winter. With it getting dark sooner, I'm already tired earlier than normal because it feels later when I look outside. Hope you can get the different shift you want, coming home to pretty much just go to bed is a pain.

Glad you found a couple good books, and how nice of the woman to just give you the one. I'm glad you liked the one you got in the mail. It's always especially fun to be surprised by a book you didn't expect to like. I've read some of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, but generally I go in more for mysteries (the lighter ones in style). I'm reading Killer Stitch (a knitting mystery) at home and listening to Death of a Maid (a Hamish McBeth mystery) during my commute to and from work right now. Earlier I finished the new Janet Evanovich one, all fun stories.

kim-d said...

Yeah, I'll bet you thought you escaped my clutches today, huh? Au contaire! Or however you spell it...hehehe!

Would ya believe it, I finished a book last night, too! It was a charming little book called "Summer At Tiffany" about two University of Iowa students who hopped on a train to New York one summer during World War II and got jobs at Tiffany. It was sweet and I really liked it. It is the kind of book that should normally take me 1-1/2 to 2 days, tops, to finish. Before my attention span problems. It has taken me months to finish it--but at least I finished it! I have several others just waiting to be read, and hopefully I'll finish another before summer--HAHA!

Well, I will refrain from being a typical Minnesotan by going on and on about our colder-than-cold weather since I've about covered it all over at "my place"--that just shows that I LUVYAEVERSOMUCH-er!

(((((WEEKEND HUG)))))

Anonymous said...

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